The Spiritual Discipline of Journaling

Journaling has long been a practice among the Friends. It is much more than simply writing down the events in one’s life. It is the writing down of the “internal dialogue” that occurs within us, but is rarely recorded. This dialogue is in one part a conversation with “the Self.” But for the Follower of Christ, it can also provide a written record of the conversation with “the Inward Light,” Jesus Christ. It is a private place to be genuinely ourselves.

Journaling provides us the opportunity to record our pain, joy, and all emotions in between. It also provides the op-portunity for us to record God’s interaction with us in our experiences—it allows God to speak to our pain, joy, and all emotions in between. It is a place to let our minds wrestle with the doubts and questions we have about life, death, meaning, and God, Himself.

Have you ever had God sightings? Has anyone spoken prophetically concerning you? Have you ever felt like God is distant or obscured?

Do you ever write prayers, poems, or draw pictures? These are the activities of journaling.

Journals are also beneficial because they provide opportunities to look back at our spiritual journey: seeing the rhythms, routines, and remembrances of a God-filled life.