Small Groups

Discernment Group

For Friends, one of the most meaningful and helpful practices is that of group discernment.

Our Monthly discernment session is titled, “Living from the Center.” We meet the first Sunday of each month (check the church calendar for the exact date and time).


As Christians indwelt with Christ’s Spirit, we have the Mind of Christ. We come together in a time of prayerful listening for the Spirit of Christ to speak to His people. By laying aside our personal agendas and passions, together we can discern God’s direction and leading. Corporately seeking clearness for specific concerns and issues of the heart are also part of group discernment.

Therefore, the purpose of group discernment is at least two-fold.

1. Listening and hearing together for the common support and ministry of Christ’s body (the church).
2. A unified direction and mutual ministry better served as we hear together and obey together, as Christ’s body.

We invite all interested join us in this discernment journey.

Friends Women in the news

Friends Women meet the second Thursday of each month in varying locations. Contact Debbie C. for more information.

Men’s Breakfast

The Men’s Breakfast here at First Friends began with a desire by the men in our local church community to meet once a month to share breakfast and fellowship with other men who we are acquainted with from work, our neighborhoods, those guys that visit our services, or just those looking for fellowship.

We have been blessed with two very good chefs. Mystery Meat Don, shares whatever he shoots and we have even eaten bear meat breakfast tacos. Then we have Tradin’ Post Scott who can whip up about anything. His pancakes are great and they are from scratch- no box mixes for Scott. These guys bring something great and different each month. Did I mention there is no charge? We do set out a donation bowl, but we don’t charge for the meal.

We meet once a month at the church at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday to eat, laugh, talk sports, share in God’s Word, and prayer for the needs in our group. We have seen several of our guys who have been out of work, struggles at home, whatever – and we love to come alongside and uphold each other in prayer and encouragement.

Our time is rich with fellowship. Outside of sharing from God’s word and prayer, we have no agenda but to allow a safe place to meet with likeminded guys who love God and each other. We discuss football, fishing, investing, hunting, and whatever the Lord lays on our hearts.

It’s a relaxed, fun bunch of guys – come join the fellowship!