Signs Everywhere

I want to begin with verse 11 because it sets the context or structure for this story—it also sets the tone for the vast majority of John’s story. And I want to tie this understanding of sign to what John tells us in chapter 20:30-31.

1. Law/Wine

A. Old (Law) & New (Wine of Kingdom) does not mean Bad & Good.

  1. the old is not destroyed, but it has done as much as it was meant to do…now a new way has arrived—we celebrate groom and bride (reunited)

B. The “Spirit” of the Law and the “Spirit” of Grace are the same

  1. the prophets and poets kept the Spirit of the Law alive
  2. a new way allowing the spirit to live
    1. come to the purification jars for cleansing; wine of the Spirit is served
    2. Some wines are supposed to “breathe” to make the most of their flavor
      1. …we are about to see that the Spirit will move where the Spirit will move
      2. …we find the Kingdom of God where the Spirit is breathing! (poor/Gentiles)
      3. …it is an ever-present sign…and we are to be looking

2. Mother claim/Disciple trust

  1. Mary came to the wedding a Mother, but left a Disciple…choice, response
    1. claims on Jesus or claims for ourselves…or follow Jesus
      1. parable of the great banquet: busy, broken, compel Lk14.15-24
  2. culture/tradition/religion/family/politics/honor/financial/nothing dictates to Jesus…
    1. Jesus is about doing the will of the Father, not ours “your will be done”
    2. We need to align our will to his
    3. Jesus answers her request in order to point others to God…a sign

3. The servants witnessed the sign but did not believe; the disciples believed and saw the sign.

  1. Don’t be clueless (be aware…believe)
    1. Truth is not self-evident…it is revealed by God (Lazarus & Rich Man Lk16)
    2. eating at a Pharisees, fighting for good seats, invite the poor so that you will get a good seat at the resurrection of the righteous: but the guest said “it will be great to be there!” missing the point…thus the parable of the banquet
  2. Believing, seeing, putting faith in him
    1. the servants were witnesses to what Jesus did…but did not “believe” and therefore did not “see”
    2. the disciples (which includes Mary, brothers) believed, witnessed the sign of his glory and the inauguration of the Kingdom.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs! There are many signs of God at work today—do we see them? There are many competing signs, too (even within the Church!)—do we identify and avoid them? Friends, did you know that you are a sign?! But what kind of sign are you? Is it a miraculous sign of Jesus that points to the Father or are you your own work pointing to yourself? Does the Spirit breathe into you and out of you? Do you make your own claims on Jesus or do you place your trust in him? Have you witnessed the sign of his glory in your life? Do you believe, see, and place your faith in him? Signs, signs, everywhere signs…whose are we?

  1. The Law and Wine of the Kingdom are not at odds with each other.
    1. Old & New does not mean Bad & Good.
    2. The “Spirit” of the Law and the “Spirit” of Grace are the same
  2.  Mary may be a mother or a disciple; she cannot be both.
    1. She came with a claim, but left as a follower.
    2. Nothing dictates or supersedes Jesus’ claim.
  3. The servants witnessed the sign but did not believe; the disciples believed and saw the sign.
    1. Don’t be clueless.
    2. Believing, seeing, putting faith in him.
  4. Query: (Luke 10:38-42) Remembering the events of Jesus’ visit to Martha and Mary, which of the two have you been more like recently?